In 1982 after an accident with a bag of insecticide that almost took Duane Bushman’s life, Duane decided to find a new way of farming that was safer for him and his family. Within a year, Duane started switching his farm one field at a time over to organic agriculture. In 1986 Duane started selling his first organic production, soybeans (to Japan for Tofu) and Bushman Family Farms was created.

Over the next several years Duane continued to promote organic production, working very closely with Organic Valley Cooperative to grow the volume and demand for organic products within the Midwest and the US.

As Duane’s sons became more involved in the farming operations, Duane decided to retire from farming and focus more on the marketing of organic products.

In the fall of 2002, sons Stacy and Chad took over the farming operations creating S&C Organic Farms. S&C Organic Farms raises laying hens, broilers, organic corn, wheat & hay. The milling portion grinds feed for their own operation as well as others.

Duane’s other son Todd converted his farming operations to organic and started Bushman Dairy in order to sell organic milk. Over the years Bushman Organic Farms has continued to change as new needs arise. Today Bushman Organic Farms is a global organic marketing company doing business in several international countries providing importing and exporting of high quality organic products for our customers.

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